Earth Friendly Fashion

Look Good.  Feel Good.  Do Good.
  Swaay values fashion with ethics to benefit the well-being of our planet.  
  How we are playing our part:
  - We source fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles!
  - We ethically manufacture in California in a factory with fair wages and fair working hours. Choosing to manufacture in California does mean higher costs, but it also guarantees that you're supporting the American economy, that you have quality control over the environment people are working, and that you avoid large shipments over seas that contribute to green house gas emissions.
-  We work with a textile print factory that is one of the leaders in the fashion industry for "planet friendly printing".  Traditional printing techniques are very wasteful of water and toxic to the environment.  Swaay takes pride in only using progressive sublimation and digital printing techniques that don't harm our water sources or fresh air.
  There are many ways to go about creating clothing in the fashion industry that cut corners and cut costs.....but that also does come with the cost of contributing to climate change.  
  When you support Swaay, you are supporting a conscious brand with goals and efforts to do our part to be good to the planet and people. 
When you buy from Swaay you are also supporting a small business and a female founded business!