Swaay Stories - Summer is Here!

Summer is here and it’s time to pack your bags and hit the road.  Whether it’s a camping trip or a plane ride across the planet, Swaay is a great addition in your suit case.  
In the last year I traveled to Mexico, Israel and Portugal.... all very different from each other, but my Swaay came in clutch in each country.  
For warmer climates the overalls are the perfect piece to throw over your bikini on your way to the beach.  If temperatures start to drop I wear a fitted crop long sleeve and denim jacket - and voila it’s a completely new look.  The versatility of the overalls make them the perfect piece to pack in your bags on your way to anywhere and everywhere.  
My favorite aspect of the overalls for travel is the front stash pocket.  I keep my important belongings close on me - like my passport and cash.  The stash pocket fits a phone for an easy grab when you want to take photos on the go.  
And ok, I lied - my actual favorite aspect of the overalls for travel is how extremely comfortable they are.  The soft and stretchy recycled fabric isn’t only good for the planet, it feels so nice on your body.  Plane rides, city walking tours, or relaxing in a hammock under a palm tree... you’ll never want to take them off.  
Next on my travel list this summer is the Pacific North West and Tahoe.  I can’t wait to take my overalls on some hiking adventures!  What’s on your agenda for your summer getaway?  Remember to tag @swaay_official while you’re out showing off how cute you are in your Swaay :)


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