Swaay Design: Tropical Inspirations

Swaay Design: Tropical Inspirations

It was the dead of winter with more rain than Northern California had experienced in recorded history.  I had to get my mind in warm weather spirit and inspire designs for summer Swaay prints.  A trip to Hawaii was on the horizon for the end of spring, and I was day dreaming of tropical paradise.  This became my inspiration for the new print; Tropical Yin Yang!
Hawaii is one of my favorite places on the planet.  Sitting right on the equator, every day there is equal parts day light and dark of night.  The balance of rains and sunshine create flourishing and abundant foliage and fruit.  The balance of mother nature on the islands reminded me of the ancient symbolism of the Yin Yang.  The Yin Yang represents opposites in harmonious union.  Night and day, dark and light, feminine and masculine energies, calm and dynamic, receptivity and activity.  One can not exist with out the other and there is union in duality.  
Not only do I love the symbolism of the Yin Yang, but I also love its aesthetic beauty of two half circles swirled together in union.  I knew I wanted to create a Yin Yang print, so I combined it further with the color of turquoise ocean water, golden sun rays, and pink and purple plumeria flowers; all essences of Hawaii (minus fresh poke).
It was so fun to have a sample piece in this print ready in time for my trip to Hawaii in April. I wore it hiking, doing yoga and hanging at the beach.  You can even wear the Swaay shorts as swimwear! If you're a tropic lover (and who isn't) this print is for you! 
May you be uplifted and feel essences of your favorite tropical paradise every time you wear Tropical Yin Yang.
With Love,



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